Research interest

My academic discipline is entrepreneurship. I would like to contribute and collaborate with any scholars from various disciplines to conduct advanced entrepreneurship-related studies. There are my current research interests:

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creative economy
  • Innovation
  • Rural entrepreneurship

Academic publications

There is a list of some of my publications. Please go to my other academic profiles, Google Scholar, Scopus Author ID, or ORCID, for the updated list of academic publications.

  • Asmit, B., & Koesrindartoto, D. P. (2015). Identifying the Entrepreneurship Characteristics of the Oil Palm Community Plantation Farmers in the Riau Area. Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business, 17(3), 219-236.
  • Syahza, A., & Asmit, B. (2020). Development of palm oil sector and future challenge in Riau Province, Indonesia. Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management, 11(2), 149-170.
  • Syahza, A., & Asmit, B. (2019). Regional economic empowerment through oil palm economic institutional development. Management of Environmental Quality, 30(6), 1256-1278.
  • Syahza, A., Bakce, D., & Asmit, B. (2018). Natural rubber institutional arrangement in efforts to accelerate rural economic development in the province of Riau. International Journal of Law and Management, 60(6), 1509-1521
  • Syahza, A., & Asmit, B. (2016). Acceleration Strategies for Rural Economic Development through the Development of Natural Rubber Industry in Riau Province. Paper presented at The 2016 International Conference on Science and Technology, Pekanbaru, Indonesia.
  • Syahza, A., Bakce, D., & Asmit, B. (2018). Increasing the awareness of palm oil plantation replanting through farmers training. Riau Journal of Empowerment1(1), 1-9.